Institutional Activities Coordinator Emily Haslag or another staff member will meet you at the front desk to escort you to your classroom.

  • Your books and classroom supplies will arrive at or before the beginning of your first class.  You can provide your students with additional supplies during the semester, but you must notify us in advance.  The prison has very particular rules as to which pens, pencils, and paper are allowed inside, and prison staff need to include a list of Wash U supplies on each student’s property list so as to avoid disputes with correctional officers.

In general, expect the unexpected.  

Be flexible. 

“We will make it work.” 

Have a great class!

Want to know who is in your class? Check out the class roster on the Google Drive link provided at the beginning of the semester. 

Expect a few students to add or drop, especially during the first few weeks.  We try to update rosters as soon as we can, but keep in mind that students cannot register online so changes will not be immediate.

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for class to allow time for check-in and transport.  Lateness on the part of our faculty hurts the reputation of Wash U PEP among prison staff, and we depend upon their cooperation.
  • Please make sure we have your cell phone number in case of emergency (