Course Information Form

To be downloaded and filled out by all faculty teaching with PEP.  Please submit completed forms to 

Fall Course Information Due Date: April 1st

Spring Course Information Due Date: October 1st

Summer Course Information Due Date: March 1st

Purchase Reimbursement Request

Course Evaluation Form

Mileage Reimbursement

Please fill out this excel file for mileage reimbursement.

Student Memo Form

Need to send a note to a student?

Feel free to use our Student Memo form and drop off your communication in the January Hall 108 mailbox labeled “To Deliver to MECC”.

Facility Access Form

To visit the MECC, a facility access form must be completed. This can be found on the Visiting Faculty page.

Scheduling Office Hours or Review Sessions

Do you need to schedule a review session, office hours or other special time to meet with students?

We ask that you try to avoid scheduling office hours during other classes –  if possible – and times when your students may be in another class.  You are able to check the current semester schedule and compare to the link of rosters sent at the beginning of the semester. 

If there are additional forms that you need and are not available on this page, please contact