PEP offers 16 on-site courses per year to incarcerated students and can offer online courses for up to twenty Department of Corrections (DOC) staff students. Courses cover a wide range of disciplines, including math, sociology, biology, English, philosophy, astronomy, psychology, economics, art history, drama, physics, history, and anthropology. Most students take three courses each semester, and many choose their classes based on their career goals and personal interests. Courses are taught by Washington University faculty and graduate students, and academic support is available to students through tutoring and academic advising. Danforth Campus graduate and undergraduate students are engaged as teaching assistants, tutors, and research assistants.

2022 Courses

Analytical Writing 


The Boundaries of Equality: The Social, Ethical and Legal Challenges of Sex, Gender and Sexual Orientation Civil Rights 

The Research Process: The Civil Rights Movement

Landscape Architecture: Crafting Design 

College Transition Seminar 

Finite Mathematics 

Introduction to STEM: The World’s Greatest Discoveries 

Research and Literature Analysis in STEM Fields 

2021 Courses

Approaches to the Civil Rights Movement: Individuals, Organizations, Media 

Crossing Borders: Introduction to Global Studies 

Biological Psychology 

Modern Genetics 

Research and Experiment Design in STEM Fields 

Social Psychology 


Leaders in Context  

Elementary Spanish II 

Arboriculture: Path to International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Licensure 

Nutritional Science 

Introduction to Statistics 

Engineering Research II

2020 Courses

James Baldwin: Life, Letters & Legacy 

The Mind, The Brain, and Everyday Behavior: Topics of Attention and Memory 

Elementary Spanish I

Landscape Architecture: The Art & Science of Garden Design 

Environmental Science 

Discrete Mathematics 

Engineering Research

U.S. Social Movements 

Human Biology 

Finite Mathematics 

The Art and Science of Placemaking: Charette


Introduction to Creative Writing 

Introduction to Psychology 

Social Conflict 

Landscape Architecture: The Art and Science of Placemaking II 

General Biology I 

College Algebra 

2019 Courses

Critical and Researched Writing 

Classical to Renaissance Literature 

Introduction to Computer Science 

Precalculus II 

Solar System Astronomy 

Landscape Architecture: The Art and Science of Placemaking II 

Introduction to Public Speaking 

Religion in American Society 


Language & Thinking: Modernisms 

Reading and Doing Ethnography 

Chinese Civilization 

Introductory Psychological Statistics 

Introduction to Macroeconomics 

Japanese Civilization 

Introduction to Literature 

Greek Mythology 

2018 Courses

Between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.: Race, Religion, and the Politics of Freedom 

Citizen Scholar: The Civic Role of the Academic Writer 

Calculus I 

International Politics 

Issues in Applied Ethics 

Order and Change in Society 

Topics in Renaissance Literature: Sex, Politics, and Poetry in Early Modern England 

Topics in Language and Thinking: Democracy and Citizenship 

Topics in Language and Thinking: Utopia

General Biology I 

Mindfulness: Science and Practice 

Topics in Precalculus II 

Japanese Civilization 


Anthropology and Development 

The City in American Arts and Popular Culture 

2017 Courses

Topics in Political Thought: Bureaucracy and Its Critics 

Introduction to General Chemistry 

The Art of Poetry 

Public Speaking: Embodied Communication 

Introduction to Psychology 

America in the Age of Inequality: The Gilded Age & the Progressive Era 

Critical and Researched Writing 

Fundamentals of Writing

Foundations in Chemistry 

Power, Justice, and the City 

Losing the Farm: 20th Century Agriculture in a Global Context 

Reading Shakespeare 

Global Energy and the American Dream 

American Literature Before 1865: The Making of America 

Manifesto, Story and Verse

Genetics in Everyday Life 

2016 Courses

Classical to Renaissance Literature: Text and Tradition

Introduction to Gender Studies

Topics in Precalculus 

College Writing I 

History of Political Thought: Theoretical Foundations of the Market Society 

“Based on a True Story”: Creative Nonfiction Writing 

Expository Writing 

Physics & Society 

Western Civilization II: 1500 – Present 

Understanding Human Nature 

Introduction to Archaeology 

2015 Courses

Introduction to Theater: Plays, Performance & Public Speaking

Genetics in Everyday Life 

Great Philosophers 

American Literature Before 1865: The Making of America

Introduction to Psychology 

2014 Courses

Classical to Renaissance Literature: Text and Tradition

Freedom, Citizenship and the Making of American Life