At the end of each semester, there are several things that we need from you to ensure that our students receive credit for their work and the program retains good standing.  If teaching in the fall, submit this material no later than the beginning of spring semester.  If teaching in the spring, you should turn it in by June 1, and in the summer, before fall semester begins.

Thank you from all of us at PEP for your hard work! 


Every semester we need to collect our syllabi.  If you have not already sent in a finalized syllabus, please upload it or email it to  (You may want to check your course’s PEP Box folder that should have been shared with you at the beginning of the semester to see if the syllabus is up-to-date.)

Course Evaluations

Students should complete course evaluations during one of your class sessions. If the course has a main instructor and a teaching assistant, please ask the students to fill out separate evaluations for each person. (i.e., if your class has a T.A. and 15 students, you should be collecting 30 evaluations.)

It may be easiest to add your course information to the top of the downloadable Word file (above) before printing and remind students not to include their name.  If you would like to add specified questions to the evaluation, you may do so, but do not delete any questions.  After receiving the evaluations, please deliver them to PEP via campus mail at CB1029 or leave in the PEP mailbox in Umrath 221.  If you would like us to print the evaluation forms for you, please let us know and we can leave some in the Umrath 221 faculty mailbox.

The evaluations should not be read by instructors or T.A.s until after they have turned in final grades. We will email you a PDF of your evaluation after your grades have been submitted.

Student Papers & Exams

In order to maintain good standing, PEP must be able to track student progress and evaluate student writing over time.  Please keep a scanned copy of major student papers and exams, preferably with your comments, before returning them to the students.  Please email scans to  Paper copies of final papers and exams at the end of the semester should be given to PEP administration who will return them to students.


After a review our grading and attendance policies, please submit grades for all students on WebFac in a timely manner.  Alert us if any special circumstances arises.

Are there students who have not completed their final papers and need to receive an incomplete?  Or those who you think dropped the class, but are still on your roster?  Let us know as soon as you are able and we can work with the student or UCollege to rectify these types of situations.

Your Evaluation

As the Prison Education Project evolves, we must regularly solicit faculty feedback.  We appreciate your time and insight.  Please provide a one-page overview of your experience teaching at MECC.  You may upload it here or email it to

In particular, we would like you to address the following:

  1. a paragraph with a narrative assessment of the students. As a group overall, did they have the necessary skills to do well in your class?  Did the group keep up with the work you assigned and expectations you set?  Were the group dynamics positive?
  2. a paragraph reviewing any difficulty with the prison, including problems prison routines, staff issues, classroom problems or any other matters that interfered with student education;
  3. a few sentences giving your overall impression of teaching at the prison;
  4. a few sentences about how this experience may affect your teaching and scholarship on the Danforth campus.