For those interested in participating in PEP’s academic environment on a limited-term basis, visitors may forego the VIC process and enter the prison up to 5 times. 

If you are planning on regularly participating in on-campus events at MECC, you should start the VIC process immediately. 

As a general rule, it is best to finalize all plans at least two weeks in advance of visiting the prison. As guidelines are strict, please consult all rules and procedures when coordinating activities. 

As representatives of PEP, we expect all visitors to follow the guidelines that are set forth for permanent faculty

Step One: Confirm Visit and Purpose

Confirm with PEP administration the purpose of your visit, the date and time, and the VIC who will be accompanying you, by emailing   During your visit to MECC, you must be accompanied by a current Volunteer-in-Corrections (VIC). All current instructors are active VICs, as well as various advisors, faculty, and associated staff.

It may take a week or two for the room and time to be reserved at MECC, so please reach out to PEP administration as early as possible.

Do you have materials that students should review before your visit?

It may take a week or two to get it to the students, so let us know if there is anything we can do to facilitate this.

Step Two: Facility Access Form

Fill out the Facility Access Form and submit it to PEP administration via email. This should be done at least two weeks before your visit.

The DOC will need to run a background report on all who visit MECC. We appreciate your patience with this process.

Having trouble opening the Facility Access Form?

You may also access this same form as a flattened PDF, Word document, or jpeg image file.

Step Three: Review Policies

While you wait for confirmation on your facility access form, please review some of our policies about entering MECC. 

Step Four: Bring Confirmation

Once you have received email confirmation, please print it out and bring it with you for your visit.