All VICs must bring their prison-issued ID.

(If you forget it one day, the officers may allow you to enter with your driver’s license.)

Visiting faculty and staff should bring a federally issued ID, such as a driver’s license.

Course Materials:

You may bring books, papers, folders and non-retractable pens that you plan to use in class are permitted. Avoid bringing more materials than necessary.

Prohibited items:

  • CELL PHONES or ELECTRONIC DEVICES of any kind, including, laptops, iPads, iPods, etc. Even with advance notice, we cannot obtain permission for such items. 
  • Purses or wallets.
  • Letters or photographs (unless class related) either in or out of the facility
  • Gum, cough drops, pencil sharpeners, retractable pens, large binder clips, mechanical pencils.
Make sure you leave these in your office or car, and lock your car before coming into the prison.

Personal Items allowed in the Prison:

Instructors may bring oxygen or asthma inhalers; necessary prosthetic devices; a clear/transparent bag or pouch for change; car keys (after inspection by visiting room staff); and a personal winter coat or jacket.
You may carry your course material and personal belongings into the prison using a clear, DOC-approved bag.  PEP is happy to lend these bags to faculty for this purpose.  We do ask that you return the bag after the semester is over for future use.  Please email us if you are in need of a plastic bag.