Reentry Transitional and Supportive Housing

Criminal Justice Ministry Release to Rent Housing

Contact: Please contact Brandon Reid via email at or call him at (314) 652-8062 Ext. 101.

Services: 3 reentry housing programs that provide 6 months to a year-long supportive housing and wrap-around services:

  • Release to Rent: houses men who have been incarcerated for ten years or more.
  • Release to Rent Veterans: serves veterans with a history of criminal justice involvement.
  • Release to Rent LITE: for single men and women who are further along in their transition from prison but are having trouble securing their own housing due to their conviction history or difficulty saving for an initial security deposit.

Application/Available HousingRelease to Rent Women’s Housing Currently Available

PEP Relationship: Last meeting w/ Brandon 8/27 (info gathering, will share modules, GIS map, thinking if PEP could be useful to any of their clients), received property manager contact list from Brandon.

Residency Requirements:

  • Release to Rent Criteria
  • Release to Rent Veterans Criteria
  • Release to Rent LITE Criteria

Restrictions: N/A

Notes: -opening women’s housing program -offers very intensive case management -would be willing to partner w/ PEP if we wanted to create a housing project 

Meets DOC Home Plan? Yes.

Oxford Homes

Private Market Landlords/CDCs

Fox Grove (DeSales Community Development)

DeSales property management company: Fox Grove manages over 1,600 units for more than 40 owners in neighborhoods throughout the City of St. Louis. Most of the properties managed by Fox Grove were developed under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) or other affordable housing programs. (Affordable prices).

Mike Ziegler, Community Services Coordinator:
(314) 267-0433
DeSales Contact:
(314) 776-5444

Application Process
Apartment showings are scheduled by appointment only. Locations and rental rates vary. All offices are reachable via phone during regular operating hours, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Site office phone numbers and addresses are on the Contact Us page.

Homelessness Prevention

The Continuum of Care/Housing Helpline

Contact: For emergency shelter and other housing programs start the intake process by calling the St. Louis Regional HOUSING HELPLINE: 314-802-5444.

Description/Services: This is a broad based partnership to prevent people within the community from becoming homeless and to find ways to end homelessness in the St. Louis area. The Hotline is a centralized intake and referral system;the caller is interviewed by an intake specialist, and if in crisis, is referred to either emergency shelter or rent/mortgage/utility assistance. The Hotline is the result of a collaboration between the City of Saint Louis and Saint Louis County, who jointly fund the program.


Housing Rights and Coalitions


Housing Project Development Resources/Organizations