PEP Welcomes Two New Undergraduate Interns

Thu-Lan Unsoeld (’21) and Petergaye Laine (’19) join the Prison Education Project as Fall 2018 Interns. They will work jointly on website design, public relations and the day to day office tasks critical to PEP as well as contribute to improvements on the program’s structure.

“Having witnessed incarceration seriously limit the academic opportunities of my own family members makes the Prison Education Project an even more important program for me. I am excited to work alongside PEP staff to ensure that students behind bars receive a quality educational experience that equips them with the tools necessary for success.” – Petergaye Laine

“I am excited to work with the Prison Education Project and learn more about the ways in which prison reform is possible. I want to help raise awareness about the amazing work that this program and all those involved in it do for MECC students.” – Thu-Lan Unsoeld

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