If have already taken classes through PEP, will I be required to re-apply? 

No. After you have been accepted into the program, you may continue to take classes so long as you have maintained good standing. 

For the Summer 2023 semester, please contact Savannah Sowell by March 1, 2023 if you would like to continue taking classes. 


Can I take more than one course?

Some students may be eligible to take a second course. If you would like to do so, please contact Savannah Sowell.

Am I allowed to register for any course?

There are a few limitations for course registration: 

  • Course must be undergraduate, at the 400-level or below.
  • The ACTRAC option cannot be added to courses using PEP funding.

Degree Programs

Can I get a degree through this program?

Yes. You can receive an Associate in Arts degree in as little as three years and you can pursue a Bachelor in Integrated Science degree as well. 

Whom can I consult regarding my degree process?

Lily Dollan is the designated academic advisor for all MDOC Staff Students. Her contact information can be found here

Am I automatically enrolled in a degree program immediately upon my acceptance to the Washington University Prison Education Project?

You will complete an additional application for admission to a specific major and degree program once you have taken 2 courses and earned at least a 2.7 GPA.

What credits can I transfer from a previous university? How do I transfer credits? 

  • Courses with grades of C- or higher are eligible for transfer credit.
  • Courses numbered 100 or higher may be eligible for transfer credit.
  • Maximum of 66 units from a junior or community college may be transferred.
  • Maximum of 84 units overall may be transferred to the bachelor’s degree.
  • To transfer credits from a previous university please contact Lily Dollan.

For more information on transferring credits, click here.

What happens if many of my previous college credits will not transfer because Washington University does not offer a similar program to the one in which I was previously enrolled?

You should evaluate, with an academic advisor and taking into account your future goals, whether it makes most sense to change track and work towards a degree at Washington University or complete your degree at another school that will accept more of your transfer credits. In the latter case, it will likely still be beneficial to take Washington University courses so long as the other college will accept them as transfer credits.