Bachelor of Science Degree Now Accredited for PEP Students

The Prison Education Project is excited to announce that the University College Bachelor of Science in Integrated Studies degree is now accredited for PEP students.

“The Bachelor of Science in Integrated Studies is designed for learners who want to build on their existing education and tailor their degree to match their personal and professional educational goals. Learners discover and engage with subjects across disciplines in a given area concentration. Students acquire the foundation for career development and life-long learning, honing skills in writing, deep reading, communication, and critical thinking. By approaching subjects across disciplines, learners consider and analyze issues using multiple lenses. They deepen their understanding of problems, test new approaches to challenges, and learn to solve issues creatively.”

The Bachelor of Science in Integrated Studies requires 120 total units of credit. Students must satisfy University College General Education Requirements, which are the same for students completing the Associate in Arts degree. Students take coursework across the Humanities, Social Sciences, or Natural Sciences & Mathematics disciplines, providing multiple perspectives and approaches to similar subjects. Learning how a variety of disciplines approach questions provides a foundation for appreciating differences across cultures, areas of work and life, and individuals. Thus, students acquire a range of tools for approaching problems and creating solutions. Students select a concentration (either Humanities, Social Sciences, or Natural Sciences & Mathematics) and complete 33 units in this area, 18 of which must be upper-level courses. Finally, students complete a three-unit capstone, reflecting on the integration of a topic across fields within their chosen concentration.

For more information about University College courses, degrees programs, or degree requirements, please consult the University College Bulletin.

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