Fall 2018

Between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. Jr: Race, Religion, and the Politics of Freedom | U84 3051
Lerone Martin, Associate Professor of Religion & Politics

Citizen Scholar: The Civic Role of the Academic Writer | U11 2031
Victoria Thomas, Lecturer, Department of English

Calculus I | U20 131
Nikhil Gupta, Assistant Professor, Mathematics  Lindenwood University

International Politics | U25 214
Michael Bechtel, Associate Professor of Political Science; Fellow, Swiss Institute for International Economics and Applied Economic Research

Issues in Applied Ethics | U22 345
Julia Driver, Professor, Department of Philosophy

Order and Change in Society | U68 2021
David Cunningham, Professor, Department of Sociology


Summer 2018

Topics in Renaissance Literature: Sex, Politics, and Poetry in Early Modern England | U65 3725
Jami Ake, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Senior Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Projects in the Humanities

Language and Thinking: Democracy and Citizenship | U11 121P
Matt Chick, Ph.D. Student, Department of Political Science

Language and Thinking | U11 121P
Venus Bivar, Assistant Professor, Department of History

Introduction to Biology I | U29 101P
April Bednarski, Senior Biology Lecturer

Mindfulness: Science and Practice | U09 1111
Todd Braver, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Professor of Radiology


Spring 2018

Topics in Precalculus II | U20 1410
Nikhil Gupta, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Lindenwood University

Japanese Civilization | U36 2260
Rebecca Copeland, Professor of Japanese Language and Literature; Department Chair East Asian Languages and Cultures

Argumentation | U11 3122
Victoria Thomas, Lecturer, Department of English

Anthropology and Development | U69 3091
Bret Gustafson, Associate Professor of Anthropology

The City in American Arts and Popular Culture | U10 3401
Angela Miller, Professor of Art History and Archaeology