Fall 2017

Topics in Political Thought: Bureaucracy and Its Critics | U25 3601
Jennifer Hudson, Lecturer in Political Theory, Political Science Department; Associated “writing clinic,” led by Eileen G’Sell, Lecturer in College Writing

Introduction to General Chemistry | U05 1051
Carolyn Herman, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences Director, PreHealth Program

The Art of Poetry | U11 2571
Vincent Sherry, Professor of English and Anna Preus, PhD candidate

Public Speaking: Embodied Communication | U21 2141
William Whitaker, Professor in the Practice of Drama

Introduction to Psychology | U09 1001
Leonard Green, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Professor of Economics; Review session and tutoring with Leah Schultz and Natasha Tonge, PhD candidates

America in the Age of Inequality: The Gilded Age & the Progressive Era | U16 3067
Margaret Garb, Professor of History, Co-Director, Washington University Prison Education Program, Director, Honors Program, Department of History; Review session and tutoring with Brandon Wilson, PhD candidate


Summer 2017

Critical and Researched Writing | U11 2031
Greg Ott, Instructor in College Writing

Fundamentals of Writing | U11 1002
Erik Strobl, Lecturer in College Writing

Concepts in Chemistry | U05 1002
Calynn Johnson-Morrison, graduate student instructor

College Algebra and Pre-Calculus (non-credit workshop)
Gong Cheng, graduate student instructor


Spring 2017

Power, Justice, and the City | U25 2011
Clarissa Hayward, Associate Professor of Political Science

Losing the Farm: 20th Century Agriculture in a Global Context | U16 2661
Venus Bivar, Assistant Professor of History

Reading Shakespeare | U65 2171
Robert Wiltenburg, Dean Emeritus, School of Continuing & Professional Studies

Global Energy and the American Dream | U69 2601
Bret Gustafson, Associate Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology

American Literature before 1865: The Making of America | U65 2131
Barbara Baumgartner, Senior Lecturer in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Manifesto, Story, and Verse
Eileen G’Sell, Lecturer in College Writing

Pre-Calculus (Non-credit workshop)
Gong Cheng, graduate student instructor

Genetics in Everyday Life (Staff course)
Carolyn Herman, Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences