Step 1: PEP Application

To apply to take courses through the PEP Staff Education Program, follow this link to the application form and essay. The deadline to apply for the Spring 2022 semester is January 1, 2022. 

This application is required for participation in the PEP Staff Education Program.

Step 2: University College Registration

After admission, please register for your Spring 2022 course by January 15, 2022. This registration can be done online through University College’s website. 

Step 1: Searching and Adding a Course

Visit University College’s online course registration system to browse potential courses and add your course. To walk through how to navigate the registration system and search and add courses, click here.

Limitations for Registration:

  • Students are currently authorized to register for one (1) course with PEP funding. Contact Natasha Narayanan if you are interested in additional courses with PEP funding.
  • Course must be fully online.
  • Course must be undergraduate, at the 400-level or below.
  • MDOC Staff are not currently eligible to enroll in U11 EComp 101M or U11 EComp 203M. Please contact Natasha Narayanan if you are interested in either course.
  • The ACTRAC option cannot be added to courses using PEP funding.

Step 2: Payment

When you reach the Payment section of registration, please follow the instructions here: Payment Directions for PEP Staff Registration

Step 3: Book Orders

Once you have registered for your course, fill out this book order form to request the book(s) you will need.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Natasha Narayanan (for MECC staff) or Kevin Windhauser (for WERDCC staff).