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featuring poets Eileen G’Sell and Treasure Sheilds Redmond


Eileen G’Sell received an MA from the University of Rochester and an MFA in creative writing from Washington University in St. Louis. Her cultural criticism, essays, and poetry can be found in Salon,  VICE, Salon, the Boston ReviewHyperallergicDAMEand DIAGRAM among others; and she was awarded the 2013 American Literary Review prize for poetry. Her chapbooks are available from Dancing Girl and BOAAT Pressand her debut poetry collection Life After Rugby is available from Gold Wake Press December of 2017. She currently teaches composition and film at Washington University, and creative writing for the Prison Education Project at Missouri Eastern Correctional Center. 

Newest Book: Life After Rugby

A Mississippi native, Treasure Shields Redmond is a poet, speaker, diversity and inclusion coach, and social justice educator.  In 2016 she founded her company, Feminine Pronoun Consultants, LLC.  Treasure is completing a PhD in English Literature and Criticism, is a published writer, gifted veteran educator, and has spoken on stages all over the U.S. and in Europe. In addition, she uses her humble beginnings in the federal housing projects in Meridian, Mississippi to fuel her passion for helping busy parents of college bound teens secure top tier education without massive debt ( You can purchase her book, chop: a collection of kwansabas for fannie lou hamer, at

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