Spring 2022

Analytical Writing | U11 111P
Kevin Windhauser

Exposition | U11 304P
Victoria Thomas 

The Boundaries of Equality: The Social, Ethical and Legal Challenges of Sex, Gender and Sexual Orientation Civil Rights | U92 320P
Jami Ake
Anna Shabsin

Social Conflict | U68 440P
David Cunningham
Joseph Loewenstein
Meredith Kelling

Landscape Architecture: Crafting Design | U19 450P
Carolyn Gaidis

College Transition Seminar | U03 125P
Trevor Sangrey

Finite Mathematics | U20 220P
Lauren Miller

Introduction to STEM: The World’s Greatest Discoveries | U29 200P
Daniel Palmer

Research and Literature Analysis in STEM Fields | U29 200P
Zain Clapacs
Sydney Neal