Fall 2019

Critical and Researched Writing | U11 203P
Victoria Thomas, Senior Lecturer in English

Classical to Renaissance Literature | U65 211P
Jami AkeAssistant Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences​, Senior Lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities

Introduction to Computer Science | U20 122P
Doug Shook, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science & Engineering

Precalculus II | U20 142P
Nikhil Gupta, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Lindenwood University 

Solar System Astronomy | U23 125P
Henric Krawczynski, Professor of Physics

Landscape Architecture: The Art and Science of Placemaking II | U19 330P
Carolyn Gaidis, Lecturer

Introduction to Public Speaking | U48 211P
Bill Whitaker, Professor of Practice in Drama


Summer 2019

Religion in American Society | U66 201P
Aaron Griffith, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Pre-Calculus | U20 1410
Lindsey Lisalda, Graduate Student, Department of Physics  

Language & Thinking: Modernisms | U11 120P
Anna Preus, Graduate Student, Literature, Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Fellowship for Women in Graduate Study 

Reading and Doing Ethnography | U69 344P
Chelsey Carter, Graduate Student of Sociocultural Anthropology 


Spring 2019

Chinese Civilization | U78 327P
Robert Hegel, Professor of Chinese Language and Literature

Introductory Psychological Statistics | U09 300P
Lindsay Michalski, University Fellow

Introduction to Macroeconomics | U07 102P
Dorothy Petersen, Lecturer, Department of Economics

Japanese Civilization | U36 2260
Rebecca Copeland, Chair and Professor of Japanese Language and Literature

Introduction to Literature | U65 201P
Barbara Baumgartner, Senior Lecturer in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Greek Mythology | U02 301P
Grizelda McClelland, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Lecturer in Classics