Fall 2016

Classical to Renaissance Literature | U32 2011
Robert Henke, Professor of Drama and Comparative Literature

Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | U92 1001
Jami Ake, Senior Lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Project for the Humanities and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Pre-Calculus | U20 1410
Roya Beheshti Zavareh, Associate Professor of Mathematics

College Writing I | U11 1001
Greg Ott, College Writing Program Coordinator and Mentor

History of Political Thought: Theoretical Foundations of the Market Society | U25 1061
Jennifer Hudson, Lecturer in Political Science

“Based on a True Story”: Creative Nonfiction Writing (Staff course) I  U11 2180
Eileen G’Sell, Lecturer in the College Writing Program


Spring 2016

Expository Writing | U11 1001
Bob Wiltenburg, Dean, School of Continuing & Professional Studies in Arts & Sciences

Physics & Society | U23 1710
Francesc Ferrer, ​Associate Professor of Physics

Western Civilization II: 1500 – Present | U16 1020
Christine Johnson, Associate Professor of History

Understanding Human Nature | U09 2530
Randy Larsen, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Intro Archaeology | U10 1910
Carla Klehm, Research Associate