Current Courses: Spring 2020

Argumentation | U11 3122 | Writing
Victoria Thomas, Senior Lecturer in English

Introduction to Creative Writing | U11 225P| Elective, Language & Arts
Gabrielle Montesanti, Graduate Student

Introduction to Psychology | U09 1001 | Social Sciences
Leonard Green, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences and Economics, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Psychological & Brain Sciences

Social Conflict | U68 366P | Social Sciences, Moral Reasoning
David Cunningham, Department Chair of Sociology, Professor of Sociology
Hedwig Lee, Professor of Sociology, Director of Undergraduate Studies; Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, & Equity
Geoff Ward, Associate Professor, African and African-American Studies, Faculty Affiliate in American Culture Studies and Sociology

Landscape Architecture: The Art and Science of Placemaking II | U19 340P | Moral Reasoning, Language & Arts
Carolyn Gaidis, Lecturer

General Biology I | U29 101P | Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Matthew King, Postdoctoral Fellow

College Algebra | U20 112P | Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Rebecca Lauren Miller, Adjunct Instructor, St. Louis University

Whether we are reading a 100-year-old essay or discussing a book written last year, an inspiring teacher can make the material come alive, encouraging you to absorb and reflect upon it, and apply it to your life today. We are fortunate to have those inspirational teachers as our Washington University professors.

– George, Convocation 2018