Current Courses: Spring 2021

Leaders in Context | U03 201P | Social Sciences; Cultural Diversity
Joy Kiefer, ​Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Director, Undergraduate Research
Elementary Spanish 2 | U27 109P | Language & Arts
Mark Dowell, Lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese
Nutritional Science |U29 304P Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Mark Manteffeul,  Lecturer in Biology
Introduction to Statistics | U20 101P Natural Sciences & Mathematics; Numerical Applications
Lauren Miller, Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics
Arboriculture: A Path to International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Licensure | U19 360P | Elective
Carolyn Gaidis, Lecturer in Landscape Architecture

Whether we are reading a 100-year-old essay or discussing a book written last year, an inspiring teacher can make the material come alive, encouraging you to absorb and reflect upon it, and apply it to your life today. We are fortunate to have those inspirational teachers as our Washington University professors.

– George, Convocation 2018