Current Courses: Fall 2019

Critical and Researched Writing | U11 203P | Writing
Victoria Thomas, Senior Lecturer in English

Classical to Renaissance Literature | U65 211P | Humanities
Jami Ake, Assistant Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences​; Senior Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities

Introduction to Computer Science | U20 122P | Elective
Doug Shook, Senior Lecturer

Precalculus II | U20 142P | Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Numerical Applications
Nikhil Gupta, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Lindenwood University

Solar System Astronomy | U23 125P | Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Henric Krawczynski, Professor of Physics

Landscape Architecture | U19 330P | Moral Reasoning
Carolyn Gaidis, Lecturer

Introduction to Public Speaking | U48 211P | Elective
Bill Whitaker, Professor of Practice in Drama

Whether we are reading a 100-year-old essay or discussing a book written last year, an inspiring teacher can make the material come alive, encouraging you to absorb and reflect upon it, and apply it to your life today. We are fortunate to have those inspirational teachers as our Washington University professors.

– George, Convocation 2018